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«International Students
Adaptation and Integration»

About the Project

Priority: Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions


Project duration: 15.11.2020 – 14.11.2024


Project Coordinator: Netherlands Business Academy, Netherlands


Project Co-Coordinator: KROK University, Ukraine




The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

Specific project objectives:

  • To develop and implement Roadmap, that includes all aspects of international students integration and adaptation.

  • To improve quality of training and administrative services, assure informational support of international students.

  • To upgrade qualifications of administrative and academic staff.

  • To create tolerant multicultural international environment at Ukrainian HEIs.

  • To disseminate project results among Ukrainian HEIs.

Wider objective:


To integrate international students into Ukrainian and European educational space by the means of cultural, ethnic, social and academic assets.

Expected results:

  • Developed Roadmap, that includes all aspects of international students integration.

  • Trained staff.

  • Increased quality of training and administrative services.

  • Created more favourable environment for international students.

Project results disseminated.


  • Learning of the EU experience.

  • Development of internationalization capacity.

  • Modernization of administrative procedures.

  • Development and implementation of Roadmap of international students integration.

  • Development and piloting of the course for adaptation of international students.

  • Modernization of University infrastructure.

  • Adaptation of training programs for international students.

  • Training and mobility activities.

  • Quality management.

  • Dissemination and exploitation.

  • Project management.

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