Project Partners

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Netherlands Business Academy (NLBA)

Netherlands Business Academy (NLBA) is a fully accredited top level Business School. The university started in 1982, and after some merges and several organizational changes it has been in the current structure since 2009. 

NLBA is a business school that was founded as an answer to the needs of life-long-learning. More and more business people felt the necessity to train themselves. Modern times made it important to share best practices and make science available and applicable to the world of business. Specific areas of expertise of NLBA are programs for Finance, Business and Mediation. NLBA was active in the EU funded project ‘Strengthening the European Identity by Culture, Heritage and Citizenship’. In this project NLBA worked with five European top institutes on developing a MBA Culture, Heritage and Citizenship. All experiences on international communication and integration are used in this new project Interadis. NLBA has been working with universities in Ukraine since 1999 and therefore understands the culture and needs of the universities. 

Because of the strong position in the Dutch market NLBA has an extensive network of partner organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. NLBA works on a project base with more than 40 universities in several countries. In this context NLBA is applicant and coordinator of several Erasmus+ projects. Thereby NLBA is highly experienced in management of EU-funded projects and cooperation of multi national consortium. Also is NLBA exceptionally proud of its expertise in the Leadership academy, with whom they bring programs to the multi-national companies all around the world (like EY, PWC, ING, Adidas, Abbott, IBM).


KROK University

Founded in 1992 «KROK» University is the best private university in Ukraine (since 2012 according to Consolidated ranking of Ukrainian universities). In 2003 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine accredited the University at the IV (highest) level.

«KROK» University is the team of about 4100 students, more than 750 of them are international students from 42 countries all over the world, and about 280 academic staff, 70% are PhD holders.

The University conducts the training in programs at Bachelor, Master, PhD and Doctoral levels. Main fields of studies are the following: Management, Economics, International Relations, Law, Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality, Computer Sciences, Design, Journalism, Nursing and others. Bachelor programs in International Economic Relations, Management, as well as Master Programs in Global Business Management, International Business and Project Management are offered in English.

For international initiatives KROK has international office that concerns the following issues:

  • International students training;

  • Double Degree academic programs;

  • Students’ and staff exchange with foreign educational institutions;

  • Internship abroad and educational tourism;

  • Grant project elaboration.

The first enrolment of international students was made in 2001. Since then there have been students from over 40 countries studying at the University. International students are eligible to obtain Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD diplomas in various fields, languages of instruction are – English, Russian, Ukrainian. Through the years, the International Office has played an increasingly important role in advocacy with government agencies and legislators on issues concerning international students and scholars.

University has partnership relations with more than 50 HEIs from all over the world. «KROK» implements exchange and mobility programs for students and staff with HEIs from Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania etc, including mobilities within Erasmus+ Key Action 107.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

The Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is a classical institution of higher education with enduring traditions and powerful scientific schools incorporating modern innovative trends. The  University has a special mission:

  • to define and apply educational and scientific standards;

  • to generate changes needed in a region, country or the world;

  • to form an individuality – a bearer of intellectual and innovative potential.


Ivan Franko National University of Lviv:

  • The 4th level of accreditation

  • 134 departments

  • 19 Faculties

  • 55 specialities for bachelor’s degree, 51 speciality for master’s degree, 32 PhD programs

The University lies in its members:

  • Over 21 000 students

  • Over 4 000 employees


The Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Team:

  1. Vitalii Mykhailovych Kukharskyi – Vice-president on Research, Teaching and IT-Development

  2. Hladyshevkyi Roman Yevhenovych – Vice-president on Research

  3. Olha Anatoliivna Oseredchuk – the head of Marketing and Development Department

  4. Myroslava Andriivnal Oseredchuk – the head of Marketing and Communication Department

  5. Olha Volodymyrivna Petiak – the deputy of the Chief accountant

  6. Oksana Yevhenivna Molderf – assistant professor at the Intercultural Communication and Translation Department

  7. Oksana Anatoliivna Kraievska – docent at Country Studies and International Tourism Department

  8. Palych Oksana Vasylivna – Foreign Affairs Lead Specialist

  9. Dzikovska Mariia Ihorivna – Head of personnel department